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Silver Spirit in Central America

It’s been a journey what with being driven to Fort Lauderdale from Naples and an overnight before trying the “Get on the boat” lottery. First off there was NOBODY at the port. Have never seen this at the busy Ft Lauderdale

port. Two ships but the big one was just sitting and ours was, well, twenty people waiting for boarding to begin. This ship holds almost six hundred passengers so it was a wtf moment. No crowds to board even a small ship is unusual We eventually learned that the official passenger count is 140. It’s weird like a ghost town but I have to say it’s pretty nice having everything wide open. Silversea is never ever packed like the larger lines but there was only one other couple at dinner in La Terrazza last night! Six dining venues spreads out the 140 pretty good.

Ok, sorry for the picture placement. That’s a local drowned rat we found coming off Big French Key in Roatan in the Honduras. It was a little bit rainy on our so called beach day outing. The rain held off just long enough for our bus ride and boat ride to the island, we selected our beach chairs and Bam! Let it pour. Excuse the typos etc because yours truly is really not an expert blogger in disguise.

On with the tale. After doing endless paperwork at the ship terminal in Ft Lauderdale we got to the dreaded last room where a quick test decides if you go cruising or you go home. A quick test then you sit for twenty minutes hoping your number comes up on the monitor to let you board. We four all made it, Yeah! We don’t know how they can run a ship this empty and still make it. Crystal Cruise didn’t make it and filed for bankruptcy. Rumor has it we are picking up some of their World Cruise stranded passengers two days fron now in Aruba, will see.

A day at sea then landfall and overnight in Cozumel Mexico. The first day was sunny and warm. Mr. Bill and his new flame Karen went on the old folks City tour while Dawn and I went to town and walked around being accosted by the hawkers from every store each vying to come up with a better line to entice you inside. It didnt work. Fajitas for lunch along with a couple dos equines . When in town we scoped out a place called Kondesas for a possible dinner spot.

Kondesas turned out to be a really great tiny local spot on a dark and rainy night.

The next morning whilst Dawn was doing laundry (filling out the card and bagging) I picked up our 10 am shore excursion snorkel tickets to check only to find we meet off ship at 830 and it was 829 cloudy and rainy so forget about it. Left Cozumel at two pm bound for Honduras and arrived to a dead calm sea and sunny sky at eight in the morning. Big French Key Island was our destination for a beach lounging and snorkel day. As forecast the wind picked up and it started raining and we were forced into the big Tiki for a bucket of Salva Vida Cerveja. Bill found a massage and we ducked the leaky roof to stay dry.

We are now just off Honduras for two days at sea towards Aruba where we are really hoping for their typical DRY weather. We need some sunny and warm. Captain says rain all night with 25 to 30 knot winds and rising seas, Oh Boy. Will see what rookie Karen does with hallways trying to toss you side to side.

some picture explain to you:

Quesos Fundido with chorizo

lobster bread

desert, all at Kondesas

For lunch on Mr. Bills birthday yesterday we decided to go for ice cream onboard. The staff sang happy birthday Bill commented the ice crem bowl was too small to handle a scoop of. Each kind. They brought the big bowl with all the scoops.

I’m freezing on deck it’s so cold (73) with Rum & coke. Bye.

Back again and it’s Sunday , the next day. This iPad won’t publish the blog so need Mr. Bills laptop to get the job done. Just had lunch in deck less Karen as she is suffering from mostly seasickness in the seven to nine foot waves. Just Bill and I for dinner last night with Dawn down with a hurting back and Karen escorted home for a little time out period by Mr. Bill.

Half of the 140 aboard are Brits and half us Americans, just an fyi.

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