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A, B, C Islands

Arrival in Aruba on February 1st at 8:00 am to a finally sunny sky and warm air temps after two little bit rough and rainy sea days with seven plus foot seas. They say Aruba never rains and never disappoints.

She did not disappoint today. Our arrival was spectacular with offshore oil platforms to first greet us. We are after all only 19 miles north of Venezuela. At 7:30 we approached the windy island with the national Divi Divi tree. Us chipmunks that find a nut once in a while found a day resort pass deal at Radisson Blue Cabanna and latched on like a snapper turtle to a fish. Turned out good. A Carnival Magic ship was ahead of us and we parked in great style just in front showing them we know how to drive a boat! A little and very old ship in harbor was the Freewinds. Research showed it’s a Church of Scientology ship and is of dubious nature. Our gang also at times May almost be of dubious nature as well. At least we don’t capture females for twelve years like the Freewinds! Ok, today. No shore excursion so taxi to Radblue. Nice spot as shown. They gave us a ride to Moomba Beach so awesome. Ate lunch of calamari, cerveche, Moomba Burger, Wow! ok. Full disclosure. At Moomba certain parties wanted some smoked product that in Aruba is like water off a duck. Our pretty and tall Dutchwaitress recommended the white umbrella boy selling banana boat rides as a source. She knows. Yep he offered a pound as the daily special. In Aruba the police are scarce and really dont care about smoke. Can you imagine what it would bring in Barbados or the USA? Do we have such items aboard the ship? Sty tunEd readers.

had a great dinner in town in Oranjestad at a retired surfer bar restaurant called Jacks. It was taco Tuesday and was packed by locals and tourists both. We had beef tacos $1.00 and fish $3.00 and it was excellent. Bill and Karen rushed back to the ship to cash the show at eleven. The three female entertainers were doing a tribute to women. Dawn and I ventured to a local casino and it didn’t break us, we didn’t break it. We came out a little ahead after Dawn and I both had three of a kind on the same deal at Caribbean stud. It doesn’t pay out like it used to. We were the last to passengers to board the ship at 10:25 pm. Heading out for dinner in Williamstead shortly and off to Bonaire tomorrow. Bon Voyage!

Oh and just one thing. Our new gal Karen is the boss - Vivacious and outgoing even the Brits who make up half the boat who I usually don’t get along with love her. They call her Squirt for the shortness. A good addition! You Rock Girl! Ok late night. Dawn and Paul last aboard two nights in a row, Wow!

Aruba view out to sea as we docked.

Local flowers, Karen credit

Aruba in front of Carnival Magic (Karen)

Aruba Dock

Moomba Beach in Aruba. That’s the Moomba burger, Delish!

Dawns half of Moomba.

Calamari, Verveche, and a Philly cheese steak, no cheese.

Very pretty drink (gal behind it too!)

Moomba beach vibe is low key tikki

Radisson Blue from our poolside cabana

View from cabana

Dawn and Bill in cabana

Karen got pic of a floating flower in the pool

Karen flower pic

Ball in entryway of hotel

Blue Bay Beach in Curacau. The blue theme is not by design.

Bandit birds that Karen fed, bad Karen! Birds loved it though.

Blue Bay lunch. In pot is my Caribbean tomato soup, Dawns salad with beef, Bills salmon poke bowl and Karens Mahi tacos. It was good but really Island time slow, 1.5 hour lunch.


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