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Barbados the first time.

Now we know why our itinerary changed from all the Saints to the abc islands and Honduras. After a day at sea from Bonaire (we had a post about that right?). If not it was fun and will swing back around as we will be there again tomorrow. We have a lovely lady to take us around the island this time in Bonaire. She gave us a ride to the beach last time around but describes a great island tour.. Anyway, Barbados. The night going in from the sea day we had a party put on for those of us “In Transit” meaning we we’re staying for the next segment. There were maybe twelve of us. The ship said we had to have a Covid test at 8 am and hang in Panarama lounge all day while crew and passengers change over. Barbados does sort of allow in transit guests to take approved taxi to approved sites. The ship people could not tell us what an approved site was. Library? A Texas couple at the party said they would stay on board since they didn’t know what they could do. Well we had our Covid test and asked if we had to stay around for the results. No, they would email them and we could leave the ship, why bother. We did all eventually test negative. A five buck taxi ride to the softest beach with the sand that puts white on rice and water so blue and clear it made you cry. Boatyard. For $25 pp you get lawn chair, welcome drink, umbrella’s and a ride back to the ship. What an awesome day. Texas was pissed they didn’t go!

Our first stop of the new leg was Bequia which is part of St. Vincent and the grenadines. One country. Our plan was to get a taxi and find a beach. The night before we got a letter that only ships excursions could tender to shore, no passengers allowed onshore otherwise. We got lucky and got on a land and sail excursion that turned out great. For those of you not Facebook friends with Bill Wolfe or gal Karen Lovett you should friend Karen as she does tons of photos and posts that are great? At the dock in Bequia we got on a cat sailboat and crossed the rough channel to St. Vincent. There we did a fort tour and botanical gardens before heading part way around the island and catching back up to the sailboat. Had a great lunch onboard. Off then to a snorkel from a black sand beach with lots of surge. One of the many beaches they used in filming Pirates of the Caribbean. After that the four of us got up in the sailboats netting and had a great cruise across the channel back to Bequia with a few rum punches the Captain served us. We wanted to escape the Bequia gate and have a local Hairoun Beer so we approached the big local gard at the steel gate. Can we maybe use a bathroom sir, get a beer? Ya mon! Please do support the local economy! We got the beer but it didn’t last long as they would not let our tender leave without us, Darn. Sorry all you passengers that had to wait, we thought we could get the next tender. Had a sea day yesterday and back in Aruba again today, one week later. It’s TACO TUESDAY at Lucy’s retired surfer bar. We made it last Tuesday and had great fish tacos-in Aruba. Bonaire’s up tomorrow.

Sailboat is in St. Vincent black sand beach where they filmed portions of thr Pirates if the Caribbean. We swam and snorkelEd after lunch here.

From the Fort in St. Vincent.

Bequia island ferry dock.

Our approach to Aruba this morning, Dawns photo she was up early walking. That’s Scientology still docked.

This mornings ship approach Aruba

St. Vincent sailboat lunch of rice, salad, chicken or fish with home made banana bread, Great!

Back at Moomba beach today in Aruba. It never rains in Aruba. It rained today. Having lunch now at the same Moomba restaurant but no Moomba burger today. Fresh catch is Wahoo!

Flower in St. Vincent botanical gardens

Water Lillie’s

View from the St. Vincent fort. The ship down below is the Pacific & Orient Azur. We sailed over from Bequia that you can see in the far distant right. An hour sail over and an hour back. Absolutely Fantastic.

This was going over a drawbridge to the fort. A little scary.

Local St. Vincent guy in a parking lot cooking a breadfruit on a homemade grill. I’d rather have chicken.

My Amstel Bright.

Wahoo just served, Delish!

Oh and a side note. As we left the Spirit this morning in Aruba about thirty disheveled and weary looking passengers were boarding having missed Barbados due to weather.


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