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Pandemic Patty; Will masked cruising make boats no fun at all?

This blog has gone dark since January of 2020 when we flew out of Buenos Aires on a dark and stormy night with rumors of virus swirling andhaunting the edges. Little did we know that in a few weeks passengers would be prisoners confined to ships unwanted by all countries.

Almost a year ago we booked our upcoming test cruise thinking the pandemic would surely be over. How wrong we were. Our ship to come The Silver Spirit January 14th cruise was cancelled because of Covid. So many crew members were confined that they shut down many services. They were all well, asymptomatic and well but confined By quarantine.

We are due to board the Spirit January 25th and already the first leg has been wiped out and replaced by more Covid friendly countries. We will have a new fresh face gracing the blog and ship with us. More to come as we have not yet met this daring young lady who even now is hurtling south from the frozen tundra in Mr. Bills pickup truck filled to bursting with cases full of clothes and things.

It will surely be an adventure from start to finish with twisty turns and trips along the way. Can’t get on the ship even without an on site Covid test. Can’t get back into the Estados Unidos either. Florida anticipated the pickups arrival today with a show a water spouts and tornados all around us but none too close. Thankfully none died though much damage was done.

Fort Lauderdale here we come. Get ready.

Christmas dogs Beauregard, Happy, & Carbon.


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