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Bye, Bye Boat. Hello Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires is the Capital of Argentina and is a very large city of 3 million but really 15 million with surrounding areas. We found PTG Enrique at the terminal and had a three hour city tour in his vehicle that was quite nice. Cheaper than the ship bus tour and we decided how long to stay at places. Enrique very good English because he studied mechanical engineering in Venezuela and most books were in English. He moved here to Argentina three years ago but cannot find a job in his field. Argentina has about 30 to 45 percent annual inflation and there is a lot of unemployment. He would like to go to the states but being from Venezuela its unlikely he will ever get a visa. He can get an Australian visa but has to have over a years worth of cash and return tickets before he goes and that's out of reach. Overnight on the boat at the industrial port and off the boat this morning. We are staying at the Alvear Palace Hotel in the Recoleta neighborhood and will be here for two nights before heading back.

A restaurant in the La Bocca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

River view from the roof top bar.

City view

Local Atlas holding up a huge long branch of the National tree

65% of City dweller have dogs but work all day. This dog walker is on his way to a park ahead about three blocks, don't know how he does it!


We found this place walking in the morning. It's the Food Truck Restaurant in a building, not a truck. It looked so good we came back for light lunch. That's a bowl of Papas Fritas for Bill! A pre-birthday snack despite what facebook says. Great Burger!

In La Bocca we stopped for a single beer for each of us and this guy was on the ceiling. I paid for the beer with a $50 Brazilian Real bill and got $230 Argentine Pesos back in change. Lunch at the burger place was: 1-cheeseburger and one order of fries. One Agua and two Pepsi Black all for only $780 pesos.

Bill and I were waiting under a shade tree while Dawn shopped. We came under ATTACK! A fair sized bird must have had a nest and didn't like us messing under the tree.


Colorful La Bocca District in BA. Every restaurant has Tango dancers out front to entice the patrons.

This cemetary houses all the famous people and is pretty amazing.

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