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Salvador De Bahai, Brasil

Above is a local Brasilian beer we had at Maria Mata Mouro restaurant in Salvador after our tour with local Paulo driving around and seeing the city sights in his really little Nissan March vehicle.

Paulo met us at the cruise terminal and took us around town. His English was not very good but google translate worked really well on his local cell phone.

Game night and P&D's 29th anniversary. Game started at 8:40 pm so we went to Family night at La Terazza first and had a fun dinner.

Sunday's are family night at La Terraza restaurant on the ship. At family night they hang Italian flags and serve at the table family style and the "voices of Silversea" come in and sing opera songs for us.

Fabulous lunch at Maria Mara Mouro restaurant. We got more food than we needed despite the fact that they had NO English. Pointing works. We shared a bread basket with assorted Pate and had the local dish Moqueca. It is a slow-cooked stew of coconut milk, seafood and bell peppers, its a creamy and delicious indulgence with a chili kick. Ours was a "mixed" combo of fish and shrimps. It was served in a boiling cast iron pot and came with rice, an orange porridge that was good but was not identified and a bowl of yellow stuff we did not eat.

This is where Paulo left us alone at the end of the tour. Just as we came near some military policia came running up because somebody go their purse snatched.

View of a local neighborhood from above

Salvador is a two step city. There is the modern city below a cliff and the old city above. This city was the original capital of Brasil until it moved to Rio and then on to Brasilia.

A view of our ship in the background.

Largo do Pelourinho Square. Michael Jackson played here once we were told.

A water/marina view

Paulo took this picture of us at Porto da Barra (pronounced Baja) Beach

That is the city elevator and how we got down from the old city after lunch to walk to the ship. It cost .05 Real per person and that is about a fourth of a U.S. penny.

View of MSC Magnifica and she is on a 117 day world tour, holds 3500 vs. our 350.

Here is a new idea for a start-up! Jewelry Store Truck! Going to tell Gabe in Rio he needs to get going on the idea!

Our approach to Salvador. It got light today at about 4:00 am

Mr. Bill walking uphill on rough original cobblestone street.

Mr. Paul at Maria Mara restaurant.

Bill and Paul at Sao Francisco Church. We also went to a converted convent that is now a hotel and restaurant, called El Convento-just like San Juan.

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