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At Sea En Route to Salvador, Brasil & Natal Yesterday.

The entry to Natal Brasil is interesting as it has a very narrow breakwater with rocks on both sides and you have to make a turn just prior to the breakwater and from the front of the ship it looked like we might not make it but young Captain (new) that we met last night did it perfectly! We started the cruise with two captains and after a port or two the old one got off. The new captain is very young and we were really impressed with his docking skills in Natal as the dock barely fit our ship and there was wind and river current. I told captain that I was impressed with his docking skills when we met last night and that I would have handled it the same slow way with my 22' ship. Natal was to be a beach day but turned into a rain day, all day. The biggest shore excursion was riding open top dune buggies over the large and plentiful sand dunes. They all said it was ok until monsoon rains hit in the middle of the trip. Our friend Steven said he was totally soaked and then theirs got a flat tire in the lightning! At the end there was an optional zip line from a hill into the ocean and a boat would fish you out. Two out of 40 some did it. We took the free ships shuttle to Midway Mall and went to Camaroes restaurant. Its a local place and we had shrimp. Natal is the shrimp capital of south America and it is plentiful and cheap. Lucky we only ordered two meals because one was enough for three! Four cheese shrimp in a bread bowl with rice an potatoes and Teriyaki shrimp with veggies and baked potato. All that and a bottle of wine was $60 bucks.


Just taken now, the 2:00 pm dance class featuring Mr. Bill! Soon to be called Mr. Fred (Astaire)

Moving upstream to the port.


Our lunch at Caminoes.

Found where they are storing the Zodiacs for the Antarctica portion of the World Cruise.

This is a large shoe store in the Midway Mall just in case anyone wanted to see it.

View from the port. Nobody was allowed to walk from port as it was a not so nice area.

We have an English speaking driver lined up for tomorrow in Salvador thanks to Gabriel Hazan and also a reservation for lunch. Should prove interesting so stay tuned.

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