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At Sea, Under Way to Fortaleza, Brasil.

We are currently at South 00 Degrees 16.845', West 042 Degrees, 59.707' Heading 119 Degrees true in a Southeasterly direction. We are on Sea Day #2 after leaving the Devil's Island area and we are at 17 knots. Isle Royale is actually three islands close together and was called Devil's Island because of the French prison that still mostly stands. There are no shore excursions and nothing to do except walk around the island and look at things. There is a small hotel and we couldn't imagine why anyone would want to travel and stay there. We saw quite a few monkeys and the local animal that we call Rat but isn't even though it seems everybody on the ship forgot their official name. Two typical sea days before Brasil (their spelling, not ours) we spend our time eating, with lectures, walking, eating, and an occasional glass of wine or drink. Our favorite part of a sea day is the 3:00pm volleyball in the pool but for some reason nobody except us passengers showed up yesterday for it and now it's off the list of activities for today. I was told by one of the "voices of Silversea" prior to Barbados that both of our balls were flat and the air pump was broken but it was his mission on the island to get a new ball and pump. I suspect he failed the mission as to why no pool volleyball. This afternoon we cross the equator and the ship will make a big deal of it with King Neptune appearing and accusing some crew and perhaps passengers of various crimes at sea and dispensing some quick justice of his own messy making.

We had a nice dinner at formal night last night. I set my camera out so I would remember to take it for pictures but forgot anyway, sorry. Jody who is on the full world cruise joined us in La Terrazza on 7 after martinis at bar on 5. We laughed and told dog and cat stories for some reason. Jody was particularly impressed with our dog Carbon's story of being eaten by a 7' alligator while we were on our world cruise in 2017. Everybody seems quite astonished that Carbon is back staying with the same people this trip but we assure them that our good friends taking care of Carbon are actually very reliable!


The island across the channel housed the worst offenders and a cable ran from the main island to this one as their only source of food, etc.

This Rooster seemed to be the only chicken on the island and was so lonely that he followed us for a few minutes.

Dawn was in a prison cell but alas, there was no lock on the door.

This is the entry gate to the cell area Dawn was in. Bill & Dawn do look like they belong, don't they?

The island has a lot of little monkey's

Devil's Island Rat guy. Very hard to spot as they are shy but Mr. Bill had a knack of spotting them.

Dawn at a prison cemetary, this prison was actually a death sentence for most prisoners due to the diseases like malaria and other things.

We almost walked right by this quiet little monkey on a rock sitting still but Bill had that eagle eye thing working.

Our ship the Whisper and a tender taken from the island trail. If the picture looks gloomy, it was actually a gloomy day.

Dawn took this and the following on her phone camera and I just downloaded her emails with the pics. The above is us having red Sangria at El Convento in San Juan. By the way, the internet was almost non-existent but at Devil's island they shut it off all day and made some kind of fix so it's better now.

Paul (me) on the cat & Fiddle sailboat in Bridgetown, Barbados

Green Sea turtle off the back of the catamaran. We snorkeled with them and got to touch them even.

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