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At Sea En Route to Ile Royale, French Guiana (Devil's Island)

Packer Sunday

Mahi Mahi purchased in Bridgetown Fresh on deck today, Wonderful, thanks chef!

We are on the first leg of the World Cruise on the Silver Whisper again. Started in Fort Lauderdale Florida and is now 140 plus days as a world cruise but we are on for 25 or so days to Buenos Aires. First stop was San Juan and we went to the usual Isla Verde beach and had a great lunch at the Water Beach Club on the roof. It was very windy and the wind has followed us since. Puerto Rico has had many serious earth quakes mostly in the southwest. It knocked out the most important power plant in the island located in the southwest and San Juan had three days without power. They felt it big time in San Juan but little actual damage. Since San Juan we have had a few sea days and a day on Barbados and in between much wind. 40 to 45 knots of wind dogs the seas of the Caribbean. Our little ship (300 passengers) bangs around a lot. 14' Seas at our size can be rough. We are missing several important passengers we were expecting. Harry & Peggy from New Jersey #1 but Seiko from California who is visiting relatives in Japan this year and others. The Martinis are still good though.

Mr. Bill and Fiona from the Cat & Fiddle Cat that had the best crew, food, and drinks in Barbados. Fiona has never seen Shameless but had attributes from the South of Ireland originally.

Of course we had some local beer.

Dawn relaxing on deck.

Bill relaxing.

Busy day in port. See the really little Sea Dream on right.

Heading north.

First day at sea La Terrazza lunch seafood buffet.

Mr. Mahi

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