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Bora Bora

Bora Bora is unique in that it has one of the largest lagoons surrounding the island and protected by the outer reef. We don't have much for pictures because we spent our day underwater on by far the best snorkel trip ever taken in many many years of going out on island snorkel trips. Researching the internet we found Pure Snorkel Company and booked three of us in advance. Their web site said they do a three hour trip that has three stops to snorkel and one of them may have Manta Rays. We took the first tender into the dock and were greeted by Pure Snorkel folk. We were to ride in a 28' South Wind boat with a new 300HP Mercury outboard. Our boat captain and guide for the day was Arthur, a French Marine biologist that only guides on the weekend and we were on Bora Bora Sunday. Lucky us! Only two other people joined our group for the day and they were also from the Whisper. First stop of three was spent looking for Mantas. We spend 45 minutes looking and looking around a shallow area inside the lagoon. They frequent this spot with a sandy bottom because there are rocky spots where cleaner fish hang out and the Rays come to be cleaned. Alas, we had no luck in finding them today. Arthur says maybe three of five times you do find them. On to the second spot which was wonderful but a typical touristo spot where we watched Arthur pull a 6' long eel out of its hole in the rocks, brave boy. He even has all his fingers so far. Next we went to what Arthur called the most beautiful snorkeling spot ever. Its a rare day that they can get into this spot because it is just inside the outer reef and typical winds make it too dangerous. Luck had it that we did not have typical wind this day. The spot was VERY shallow and the sun was out and the water had almost perfect clarity. The colors, purple, pink, blue, red, wow. We saw little sea horse type creatures and worked our way carefully between coral heads that went to the surface while we were at times in 2' of water. Dawn received treatment for a coral cut (minor mom). Next spot was about 30' deep and we jumped off the side and followed 12 Eagle Rays up and down in their travels. Eagle Rays must swim to breath so they never stop moving but they keep turning around so they were easy to follow. Off script Arthur took us to where they feed the sharks and rays. As soon as the boat got to the site they all showed up. We were done now but on the half hour trip the rest of the way around Bora bora Arthur stopped quick at the other Manta site and sure enough we found them. It was a deeper and harder site. Arthur tried to follow the Manta's and when he thought we were close four of us jumped in with snorkel gear and swam like mad towards them. Of the four only Bill, Dawn, and Paul saw the two Mantas. I was looking down and to the side when one came into view, wow, it was 10 feet across. Then another came at me and dove under us all and it was 18' across and really close, we got lucky! A quick lunch at the beach club and off we go on the Whisper.

Bora Bora has more overwater bungalows than any other island

Local Bora Bora Moonfish that we had for lunch on deck, The size of that fish!

Bill's Martini at sunset

Bora Bora Dolpin (Mahi Mahi)

It was Dawn & Paul's anniversary and this was in our room after dinner

A "Truck" bus that brought us back from the Beach Club restaurant for $500 each (local)

Desert on the ship (again)

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