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Nuku Hiva Island

Dawn selected to dance Polynesian (left red dress)

Ancient Totem by the bay

Mr. Bill relaxes on the bay

Frito-Lay needs these snacks to go with Hinanno Beer.

Ota Iki, Fresh raw Tuna that was swimming this morning. An appetizer at dinner.

Main Street

The Island of Nuku Hiva is the largest island in the Marquesas chain but it doesn't have many people, only around 3,000. We got off the Whisper on the second tender ashore and walked down the main road by the bay. It had rained in the morning and the sun was rather blazing hot. We walked about 1.5 miles down the road and then turned around and headed back. A little pizza joint called out to us with their Hinanno beer sign so we stopped and had one but it was typical luke warm but pretty good. We were the only ones at the place as it was 10:30 am but we were joined by two local cats that were more interested in food than beer. We made our way back to near the pier where the locals had a very small market with some remarkable wood carvings and bone carvings typical to the area. To my great surprise Dawn bought nothing. Later. After another beer we hiked up a small hill to see a monument that was installed in 2017 that we had not seen in our two prior trips to the island. Then it was back to the ship for lunch of Piri Piri Chicken, salad and many other delicious items. At 6:00 pm they brought on a local Polynesian dance troupe that had a great show with drums and singing. Dawn was one of the passengers asked to come on stage and she loved it. Had to remove her shoes to do the dance. Bill almost went up during the male portion but he was just able to avoid eye contact with the person selecting. We had a Polynesian dinner in the main dining room that featured a Tuna that was swimming in the sea that morning but joined us for Poisson Cru, raw fish cooked in lime juice and it was wonderful. The ships cook chef David has arranged for fisherman to catch the tuna and the David bought two of them, one served that night and the other today on deck for lunch. The one pictured was for lunch. The tuna sold for 6 Euro's per kilo, simply about 60 pounds and sold for $200 US, cheap! There is a lot of meat in a 60 pound fish!

Had a very good pool volleyball today and Inga & Lindsay, singers joined us along with other entertainment staff and passengers

Dawn below

Male local dancers

. We are getting pretty good and all have fun. Otherwise just a lazy day with kindly seas on the way to Rangiroa tomorrow where there are zero organized things to do. The island is an Atoll, the largest in the South Pacific. We will be at the entrance to the pass in at 6:45 am according to Captain and anchoring inside the pass. We intend to walk down the only road to a resort for lunch and a swim.

Bill & I were talking to the chef and taking pictures so he cooked up a small piece for us to try and it was very tasty.

A $200 Tuna

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