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Whisper in the South Pacific Ocean

Kiss The Fish!

Pool volleyball

Mermaid on deck

South 05 degrees 11.370' West 138 Degrees 03.283' at a speed of 18 knots with a heading of 202 degrees southwest we are now 212 Nautical Miles from Niku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands. We passed the Equator last night at 10:00 pm We pulled out of the port of San Francisco a week ago at about this time of day but had a rocky start by anchoring in the harbor to miss a storm and them having to return for a passenger who fell down and was hurt badly. Our seas have not been bad, about 3 meters the first day and then we had 17' swells as we tried to run from a storm that an app of mine showed to have up to 42 foot waves! We managed to stay south of the storm by staying closer to the coast than our route called for. The swells had good wide spacing so and came from our side so we just rose up and then down as they went by without much side to side motion thanks to the stabilizers. We have not seen one boat, ship, jet contrail or any sign of people in the last week. It finally warmed up enough a couple days ago to swim and play our water volleyball at 3:00 pm Today after crossing the equator Neptune came on deck to visit and sentenced some crew members for various infractions on of which was "Kiss the Fish" and it was a real fish. We are now on Marquesas time and changed our clocks by a half hour. Tried to post this yesterday, Sunday but the internet was bad so right now we are just alongside Niku Hiva in the Marquesas Island chain. It is the most remote Island chain in terms of distance from any mainland. We are set for an on time arrival thanks to the Captain kicking it in gear and going wide open at 18 knots for the last week! Everyone here is of good health and humor so things are good. No shore excursion for us today. There is only one excursion from the ship and we have already taken it on a prior visit so we will wander around this very small town and see what we can find. Will post items tomorrow on our one day at sea on the way to Rangiroa.

Bill ready to receive the ball

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