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The Whisper leaves San Francisco

We finally pulled out of San Francisco Bay this morning at about 8:00 am. We were due to leave last night at 6:00 pm but is was raining sheets and blowing a full gale outside the bay so the captain decided to anchor for the night and spare us the grief of rough seas. We are just off the coast of California bearing 113 degrees, no wait, we just turned into the coast. Had a call for a stretcher a while ago in the show lounge after the morning lecture. Must be serious because we have 8 days at sea ahead of us. Now heading north again, must be back to San Francisco to drop off a passenger.

Wine at the Ferry Terminal Farmers Mkt in San Fran

Sea lions as we depart for a bay cruise

Golden Gate on Bay cruise

The Iconic Golden Gate bridge

It is official now that were going back to port to drop off a passenger who fell. We have not heard yet if we will not miss the first stop at Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas islands. Captain just reported that we May leave port again by 2:45 pm and he will let us know what our future schedule will be. We very much want to get to warmer climes.

Had a good visit with Dawn's brother Greg and his great gal Titanya in the city. We rode the famous trolley cars and walked some hills but the last two days were cold and wet.


We are now inside the bridge again turning around by Alcatraz Island. Just had a coast guard boat come along side and Bill & I watched as they transferred a male from ship to boat on a stretcher followed by luggage and finally the wife. Sad way to get off a ship especially on the first day of a cruise.

We are NOT on the World Cruise but the Whisper is. We must know almost half the cruisers on board from our 2017 world cruise. Good to see all the familiar faces. We are now circling around Alcatraz Island and heading out to sea once again. Aboard for 30 days bound for the south pacific and on to Sydney. We are not having a good start but the food is excellent and the wine is good. We had many laughs last night in the smoky room with all of us and Peggy, Harry and a bunch of others telling stories. We have dinner tonight with Harry and Peggy in La Terrazza and i'm sure there will be many more stories as both Harry and Peggy are a wealth of East Coast New York stories and Harry as a beat cop in the big apple as a young man.

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