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Portofino Italy, Santa Margherita, and Rapallo

It was a dark and rainy day the first in a very long time as we pulled into the large harbor in front on Portofino which is a very small town. We got off the ship and onto a tender and went to shore and got on a ferry bound for Rapallo. It's our favorite way to travel even though it was cloudy and cold but as bad as it looked our umbrellas only came out once for a short time. We had a walk around the old part of Rapallo and then got on the bus for Santa Margherita. The tour group got pretty slow at Santa Margherita and our guide had said we had an option of walking back to Portofino. She said you just follow the red carpet back along the coast and it is about three miles so we did. This was the best thing we have done in a while even through the three mile walked turned into an 11 kilometer walk which is just over six miles instead of three. I was a beautiful walk along the ocean and a long walk. By the time we got to the little village of Paraggi we welcomed the little bar on the beach for a couple glasses of wind to fortify us for the rest of the walk. After Paraggi we followed the red carpet up into the hills between Paraggi and Portofino. When in Portofino we found a little seaside place for a pizza. Emma Lee and other crew members where at the same place so we got to say our goodbyes as we had not seen Emma Lee on the last day. The Whisper is with us in every port so we see their people every day.

A Church door in Portofino

View from our restaurant in Portofino

Dawn following the red carpet coming down into Portofino

The red carpet trail after Paraggi

A castle along the trail. In Paraggi they told us the place is rented out to Silvio Berlesconi, former President of Italy

A view of the Muse along our walk

The red carpet along the ocean front

Mercats at Portofino

Portofino hanging rhino

View from the tender dock in Portofino

First view of the town of Portofino

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