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Port of Livorno and Pisa for the tower.

A beautiful bright sunny day greeted us in Livorno site of a large port and there were six cruise ships in port including the Whisper. We can now go home having seen the leaning tower of Pisa! Only a 35 minute drive from the port to the city of Pisa where the bus parks and we walk for 20 minutes with crowds of touriticos. We were warned about pick pockets and gypsies by our guide en route. It was a great day with sunshine and almost 70 to see the site that includes three famous buildings from when Pisa was a great conquering power of Italy. All three lean one way or the other as it was built on a marshy site. On the way out I heard a commotion behind me and it was a fellow passenger yelling at a gypsie who was getting into Dawn's backpack without her knowing. Sneak attack by what looked like a mom and her daughters but was a set up. They had an umbrella to hide what was going on and had her backpack all the way unzipped before fellow passenger saw and gave out a yell, thanks! Elaine also was accosted. They have the same problem in Roma so will have to be on watch. I felt safe as I forgot my wallet but my key card emergency cash came in handy. Wasn't worried as I could have borrowed money from any one of ten or more world cruisers for the day. After Pisa we walked into the Livorno city center as the shuttle was down for Italian lunch break as is everything in Livorno from noon until at least two.

We get the big Boot tomorrow, off the ship please! On to a few days in Rome before getting on the flight home.


Not quite coordinated

Livorno has many canals

A door panel going into the Pisa Cathederal

Pisa, this leans the opposite direction as the tower

What is the leaning tower of Pisa? It is the bell tower for the Cathederal on the left.

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