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Civitavecchia, Gateway to Rome

We may be at the gateway to Rome here in this big port that serves as the water hub of Rome but unlike most guests we didn't do anything today that involved Rome. We will be in Rome for three days at the end of our short cruise on the new ship Muse so no need to drive the two hours into Rome for a Pasta making class or other site seeing. Instead we went to another ancient city this time of Tuscania near a very large lake called Lago di Bolsena one of the largest in Italy even though we didn't see the lake. The Ancient City of Tuscania was a little ho hum after all the ancient cities and sites we have seen until we got to the other side and had the view over other castles. After we stopped and had some Cappuccino of course and a little pastry at a tiny shop in the ancient city followed by the purchase of one of but not the last magnet of the trip. The door pictured below is the last of the door pictures. We didn't get all the way to the bottom of the door but it was close. I wonder how many pounds of magnets we now have? After the ancient city we stopped at an olive farm where they don't have many olives this year because it was dry and they don't irrigate, What are they thinking???? Saw quite a few small irrigation systems in the area, mostly little traveling guns or drip. We sampled some olive oil, bought some, and had bruschetta with tomato. Back to the port and instead of heading to town for a little lunch we went back to the ship to see if we can fit everything into our existing bags for the trip home. Eduardo a waiter confided in me that there are two gals on the ship that each have EIGHT bags to ship home instead of the allotted two. I told Eduardo that yes I know the New Orleans sisters Phyllis and Shelby have a lot of bags and I'm surprised they only have eight each with the amount of clothing they display on a regular basis! Phyllis said she has a single dress that fills one suitcase. We shipped four free (included) bags to the ship and are shipping four back so not too bad except Sir Bin Wadi Rum did take one big case of ours on his plane, thanks Sir Rum! We have three days on the Muse and three days in Rome to keep clothes for. I have decided I can fit all into one carry on by going minimalist with only one pair of shoes. Dawn is not so minimalist and will have to carry all her bags up herself at our three bedroom apartment in Rome on the fifth floor with no elevator.

Tuscania view. The shutter is sticking on my camera

Olive Farm

Olive Farm tasting room.

Sign at ancient Tuscania

The door, last take. We must be missing some because I would have guessed I paid for 300 magnets throughout the trip Dawn must have some stashed.

Tuscania View

Tuscania View

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