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Sorrento, Positano, and the Isle of Capri Italy

Above is the Town of Positano Italy as seen from the beach

The ship arrived in Sorrento Italy in the morning and we were on tender early to be on our way for another adventure and this time is started by very small bus as they are the only kind that can navigate the narrow roads and switch backs of the area. We made our way from Sorrento along the Amalfi Coast of Italy and arrived at the little cliff side town of Positano. This town is literally perched on the side of a cliff and is really cool except for the hoards of tourists in its tiny narrow winding alleyways. The Amalfi coast line is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and it surely lived up to it on this pure blue and crystal bright sun shine day today. We walked around at Positano following our guide Maria. We made our way all the way down to the beach and then back up the hills for our bus rendezvous for the ride back to Sorrento. Of course there was a stop along the way for a little cappuccino. Once back in town we all boarded a high speed ferry but not a hydrofoil, darn, and cruised the clear waters over to the Isle of Capri where we made our way once again to a small bus and up the winding roads to the center of the little town. There were even more tourists here and it is a long holiday weekend in Italy and along with good weather has a lot of people traveling. Maria suggested a lunch spot and many of us went there. The three Italian couples, Seiko and Jerry, Elaine and John, and dance host Larry all went to the Villa Verde where I had a nice lunch of Miliano (slow cooked pig) and Dawn had a shrimp dish that was great and of course we have to sample the local wines. Back on the ferry boat and returned to the Sorrento dock in time to catch one of the last tenders to the good ship whisper. The wind and waves had picked up so our tender had to bob and weave while they discussed docking operations with the bridge as it was rough. We made it in good shape after a while.

The Crew Show was not to be missed and we didn't and it was great. No pictures as I was too busy taking video with my ipad and have some great ones. Fellino of the bar staff sang a solo that got the full house on their feet and even Rommel made an appearance in the dance skit. No black dog chomp skit though. The ladies had a great belly dance routine that was flawed when Fernando the cruise director made a special showing in a bra and shorts showing he had more belly than the rest of them put together! The newer bar staff guy Raymond made an appearance leading the whole bar staff in a rousing dance routine that was great. Too bad I can't figure out how to make a video go through the slow internet.

A picture of the banner in the main theater for the big World Cruise Crew show

The island of Capri just off the ferry dock

Mount Vesuvius and the City of Naples (Napoli) across the bay from the Isle of Capri

The Bay of the Isle of Capri

Positano from the road into town

The Amalfi Coast drive

A Windstar ship with Mount Vesuvius in the background docked at Sorrento

A View from higher up on the Isle of Capri

Positano looking up from the beach

Positano from the beach. One of the Italians actually went swimming.

The Beach at Positano

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