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Sir Bin Waydi William J. Wolfe Flew the Coup

Many people have added great experiences to our world cruise including in not any list of order Harry and Peggy from the east coast and Miss boot camp herself Karen who left because of an eye issue and Miss Marry K from Ontario because of a broken femur. People come and go and one of the greatest has just gone in Athens. Sir Wolfie as he is known by some crew members decided to fly the coop with Ms. Mary to attend to some Berry Important things at home though nothing of great emergency. I can tell you that Sir Bill left at about day 105 of 116 and by day 105 it is a very long trip. We live in a one bedroom, one bath house of about 200 square feet with no kitchen but a nice view. We eat at the same restaurant almost every day. What keeps it from being really too long is the people. There are World Cruisers and then there are segmentarians. We have some really unique people on the world cruise and for the most part they are really good people with the exception of just a few which you want to stay away from but just a few. We have people that are on their fifth or sixth world cruise and will do it for the rest of their lives. Sir Bin Waydi Wolfe was a natural. Fernando the cruise director said last night that Sir Bill was one of the most genuine people he has ever met on a cruise and he may visit Nekoosa one day to see the farm. Julia made a special point that I am to give Sir Bill Waydi Rum a hard time over leaving as well as many other crew members. The Captain even asked where Sir Waydi Rum was! We are asked at least 500 times each day if we would like something to eat or drink, How goes it at home Sir Waydi Rum? Should I send Jannaka for your laundry? Rommel for a drink?

Sir Bin Waydi Rum William J. Wolfe in his finest Omanian Dress

Miss Mary, Dawn and Paul

Really, we never had any fun!

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