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Malta, a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea

The fabled walled nation of Malta. Malta is a nation of about 450,000 people only and 350,000 cars and is developing a traffic problem. It is an outgoing and growing industrial nation and their main power plant switched from oil to natural gas just yesterday to be cleaner. We had a walking tour of the three cities of Malta, can't tell you the names but it was really good and the guide set a blistering pace which we like but some didn't. We took a bus from the ship to the other side of the harbor the set off walking all over the place through narrow streets going up and down. Ended up looking over the ship from the other side and then taking a little Venice like ride in a very small boat, like six boats for our small group and went around the harbor and past our own ship only to return to our starting place. After our tour we got off the bus without returning to the ship and took an elevator up to the city of Velletta, the capital which cost one Euro each but was trouble because of the correct change and our butler Jannaka came to our rescue with small bills for us and several crew members, Yeah Jannaka! After walking around the city which is great we had a really good lunch at a restaurant called the Kantina outdoors in nice temps with a bruchetta of olive tappenade, mushrooms, and tomatoes. After that and with some local Maltese white wine Dawn had a nice goat cheese salad whilst I had the spicy Moo sandwich that was really good!

boat ride on small gondola type boats

Narrow streets on Malta with guide leading

Said narrow streets

Whisper from walking tour across the harbor

Inside of St. Paul's Church in the walled City of Mdina site of a special world cruise organ concert

Narrow Street of Valletta

St. Paul's Church

Spicy Moo with fries and Goat Cheese salad

Lunch spot at the Kantina in Valletta, Malta

St. Paul's Church site of our special concert

The Doors of Malta

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