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Nafplion, Greece

A nice little town on a Greek Island with narrow streets and a long walkway along the ocean. Lots of restaurants and shops and a great place to just walk around which is what we did. Only a high of about 68 today but glad I wore shorts anyway. We first strolled down the ocean front walk way and then wandered around town. We found the start of the steps up to the Palamidi Fortress which is WAY UP on a mountain. The stairway is reportedly about 1,000 steps. Dawn decided to go shopping while I started up the steps to the fortress. I wasn't really thinking all the way up as you could just barely see the top from the base but on the way I ran into several passengers and John Flemming and wife Tracey the destination directors and decided to go all in. It was long and longer, never saw so many steps but I made it to the top and turned around for the bottom.

The Whisper at anchor outside of Nafplion Greece

Palamidi Fortress from town

A little square in town

Gateway to one thousand steps

An archway coming down

Another archway coming down

View from the climb

A lower view

View of the ship from the top

a little for island with one of our tenders

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