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Port of Alexandria, Giza & Cairo, Egypt

We passed through the Suez Canal without incident, docked at Port Said at the mouth of the canal for a few hours to load some people and then arrived the next morning in the Port of Alexandria and got on another bus bound for Giza right next to Cairo and saw the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx.

We had Arab dress up night last night and there were some wonderful costumes.

Emma Lee sat down with us for a photo op

Rommel posed with us Sultans by the pool

Dear dining staff also posed

The Sultans of the Whisper, We went with Omanian Style dress


A Sultan travels with an escort.

Mr. Macdey was our tour guide again on the bus. He also was our tour guide to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, good guy. Alexandria is 8 million people and since it was Friday, their Holy Day all the shops were closed as our bus drove by. Cairo is 21 million people. It was 68 degrees when we left Alexandria by the sea and 103 in Cairo and 68 and windy back at Alexandria after our two and a half hour bus ride each way. The bus drove us around at the Pyramids and we got off to see the various sites all while being accosted by the enthusiastic sales people selling camel rides, camel pictures, and various tourist trinkets. Then went to see the Sphinx and after that we were off to the Mena House Hotel for a nice lunch.

The Pyramids of Egypt

The Sphinx

Camel Jockeys ready

I do believe this is Columbus the Camel that Mary rode

Pyramids from our Lunch hotel

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