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Suez Canal, Egypt

We have been traveling through the canal since about midnight last night. Sometime during the night we anchored and waited for our northbound slot at the canal. Typical Egypt there are guard towers every quarter mile and a large wall along the Sinai even though it's Egypt on both sides. We are due to arrive at Port Said in Egypt before too long to dock for a couple hours to pick up Fernando the cruise director who has been off for the second time getting the new ship Muse together. Other passengers on overland trips will also rejoin us. Tonight is Arab dress up night tonight and oh boy will there be some pictures then. Some of these people will be as outlandish as it gets! Cannot wait to see what the sisters from New Orleans look like.

Magnets creeping down our door

Bridge and the very long wall

Something by buildings that look started but not finished that took up several miles of the Sinai side

Guard tower on the Sinai side, they are on both sides

Looking behind us

Entering the Great Bitter Lake in the middle of the canal

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