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Sharm el Shiekh Egypt on the Saini Penninsula

Sharm as it is commonly called is a major resort town. It was voted several years in a row as the #1 tourist destination in the whole world according to our guide. It would be more accurate to say the Sharm USED to be a resort town. Mostly it is just deserted like a desert. There are hundreds of hotels and shops and bars all geared towards tourists but no tourists come anymore because of the unrest. After the westerners stopped coming because of the unrest the Russians were still here in droves to the tune of 14 million visitors a year until the Russian Jet blew up leaving Sharm a few years ago. Sharm keeps hoping somebody will start coming back because the population has been cut in half and everything is shuttered up. Sad really because they have a really fantastic seaside with some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Ron and Carol from South Carolina went diving but half the divers didn't make both dives because the equipment was junk. We enjoyed Sharm by hanging out at the Hilton by the sea which is geared to handle thousands but looked like they may have had a hundred. Armed guard again for our ten minute bus ride and this guy couldn't hide his Uzi under his jacket but tried.

Armored Vehicle in the main square

We had a "Galley" dinner in the MDR last night where they had a big buffet that was served as you walk through the ships galley, lots of fun.

Local Egyptian beer at the Hilton beach bar

2:00 pm pool workout with loud music and today the staff from the whole ship got involved!

A Mosque in the main square of Sharm

Sharm beach by the Hilton

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