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Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

After the transit of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea with Saudi Arabia on our starboard side and Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and Egypt on our Port we arrived at Safaga, Egypt and headed out for our 13 hour journey to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings which turned out to be more like 14 hours and we made the ship wait past it's appointed time to leave. We traveled in a caravan of four buses all with stocked with a Tour Guide, and armed guard, and water with a spare bus following behind all day just in case one should break down in the middle of the desert. Egypt is a police state and that is very clear because of all the check points we drove through with mounted machine guns and police and army armed with guns. It becomes routine after a while but even bus stops have armed guards. Luxor is worth seeing and the Valley of the Kings we could not even take a camera into but was full of tombs and was spectacular. Each tomb you walked down and the hall was covered in Egyptian lettering and pictures but everything else was either stolen in the past or is in the museum in Cairo. We had a nice lunch in Luxor before being off to the the Valley of the Kings and the hotel was right on the Nile River. We all touched the Nile and it was a great river although there are hundreds of tourist boats sitting idle because Egypt has no more tourists because of the unrest. We were about the only group at the Valley of the Kings which is good for us but not for Egypt.

Luxor Sign

Luxor site from the bus window

Picture stop near the Valley of the Kings.

The Nile with one of the few operating boats

Waiting for passengers


Nile from jetty

Dawn joins a band

Heh, they have to shop somewhere, right?

This original walkway was 3 kilometers long between two Luxor temples and is in the process of being restored

Sign at Luxor

Luxor site

Luxor site

Tour guide

Luxor site

Luxor. That is the Captains son that got on for this segment

A few touristicos


A mounted machine gun at one of hundreds of police check points. We got the feeling they didn't want their picture taken

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