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Salalah, Oman

Just a brief stop at Salalah in Oman to refuel and see some sights before making the big scary four day transit of the Gulf of Aden past the narrows between Aden in Yemen at war and Djbouti in Somalia. They had a few armed guards at the port and several technicals under camo with their machines guns ready. For the last two nights we have lots of over watch on deck 9 and 5 watching for boats approaching. The sound machines are ready and there

Sunset over Oman

are water hoses draped all over deck five ready to repel any attempts to board. We will travel an internationally recognized route that should have some war ships in the area. For the last two nights all public areas have been blacked out with fully closed drapery but the lights on top are still on. Tomorrow starting at 9:00 am we go dark with internet for security for 24 hours and they may close the pool deck at night. Yemen may be the bad boy compared to Somalia as they are at war and pretty much lawless. We won't be the only ship on the route and once we get to the red sea we go in a convoy. We had Muhammad a taxi driver take us to the Salalah Hilton today for a relaxing few hours by the pool. His taxi was a pos but he was a good guy and the air conditioning almost worked. Oliver at the deck five bar has been working his magic on Bill and Mary with Martinis to keep them up late at night two nights in a row. After four days at sea with four days of our team kicking some but at pool volleyball we have about five ports in Egypt to enjoy as well as one in Jordan where we have a trip to see the wonderful sights of Petra! Before Petra is the Valley of the Kings in Egypt at Luxor!

A lone palm on an Omani beach from Muhammad's taxi

Hilton beach facing the port

Hilton Salalah grounds

Sir Bill looking very worried about the upcoming transit from the Hilton Salalah Oman.

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