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Doha, Qatar

A City and a country of only a couple million but only 300,000 locals and they are very well off indeed, the locals.

In the Souk they had a complete hospital for falcons. It had a waiting room, doctors, a pharmacy, etc. Every man starting at the age of 12 has to have falcons. They cost from $5,000 up to over a million for a falcon.

A very strict country where we all had to wear long pants and covered shoulders in all areas even in the heat. They have miles of sand beach and ocean but even sticking your toes in the water is forbidden and swift action taken. A drink or a swim can only happen in a western hotel. The local men have full length white robes and the women all black robes with full face cover and only their eyes and feet visible although they do have nice shoes. We did a ship tour and went to the local Souk, a market and we visited the Falcon Souk, Gold Souk, Animal souk, craft souk, etc. We also went to Pearl Island where they are making a complete new island in the ocean with huge hotels and fancy shops and yacht yards all for the 2020 World cup soccer tournament. Lots of tall towers as every rich local wanted one but they are all half empty. The Pearl Island project was scheduled for completion at 2 billion but is over 15 billion now and not done yet. Locals don't pay for water or electric or insurance for their car. In fact if a local gets in a car accident it is never their fault and we hear they are a bit crazy drivers. Back to the UAE tomorrow to the Port of Dubai the biggest most western city in the area. We are trying to get tickets to go up to the 124th floor of the Burj Kahlifa tower, the tallest building in the world!

A couple towers in Doha

Large walkway in the Souk

They have a history of Pearl diving

Falcon Hospital waiting room

Birds, rabbits, turtles and all creatures at the pet souk

Bird Souk with falcons on sale.

Horse Souk

A snapshot of Doha from the ship as far out in the port as possible.

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