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Abu Dhabi, UAE, Day One

A Local Bedouin strolls past our oasis in the desert

We are docked in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates today and tomorrow. The country has seven states and Abu Dhabi is both a city and a state and is by far the largest and also the controlling family. Dubai is ruled by a separate but related division of the family but Abu Dhabi controls the purse strings even though Dubai outshines them all. Today we went on a "Dune Bashing" adventure and what an adventure it was! First we stopped at a camel farm and saw Mr. Stud camel himself valued at 2 Million US dollars. There are racing camels and there are beauty camels as our guide put it and we saw both and I don't know which Mr. 2 mil was but he looked tired from too much stud work lately.

For Dune Bashing there were two Toyota Land cruisers taking people from the ship and we went in a caravan to the desert dunes. At the camel farm they deflated the tires from 35 PSI to 15 PSI to be able to negotiate the soft sand. We drove out among the dunes and then WOW What a Ride! Up and down huge dunes almost sideways at times and almost falling off the edge of dune tops many times. Our driver claims he himself has not rolled a vehicle but other drivers have. Our car was almost begging for a stop but the other car passengers we hear were screaming and I believe they may have had one puke stop. We then went to their oasis for a cold soda and to regroup before heading back into the city on great and organized roads with traffic acting in a very civilized manner. Something we are not used to these days. Bill may have dented the floor boards of the vehicle a bit.

Tonight is our event at the Emirates Palace if Dawn gets back from shopping in time.

Nancy, Dawn, Paul, & Bill on the dunes

One of two stud camels

On the dunes for a break

Other SUV during dune ride, We are temporarily stuck on the top pointing almost straight down.

Other SUV in the distance

The Grand Mosque of Au Dhabi as we drove by. Tomorrow is Friday, their Sunday so we are not allowed to visit. This Mosque can hold up to 40,000 people at one time!

Mr. Studly Do Right Himself, the $2 Million Dollar Camel

Dawn feeding the hungry Harem

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