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The Taj Day Two & The Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur

Word nor pictures really describe the immensity of this place, it is huge

Inside main tomb outer ring

Ganges River behind Taj

Back of the Taj by the river

Ganges River behind the Taj

Taj at 6:10 am open

Taj inner gate where the next photo's are framed

Taj Entrance at first light and that's a Monkey on the roof of the entrance looking back.

Taj from, the inner gate. This place is HUGE

Heavy load just outside the Taj

Just behind the above bike guy, donkey with bricks.

Cow Pie for real. The ladies that make them brand them to know it's theirs. The brand is their hand print. It's India

Our Palace for tonight a former real Palace

Hand harvest wheat, it's about the only way it's done.

How do you move goats. You do it on the four lane highway.

Girl's Night out

More goats

Done with Jaipur for the day and off to Mumbai tomorrow. We have a 4:30 am wake up call so we can meet and head to the airport to re join the ship, the good ship Silver Whisper. The story about Dawn being attacked by a cow or perhaps a bull will have to wait until next time but request me to say (as our guide says) that they both have survived.

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