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The Taj Day One

Agra Fort Near the Taj. Only 20% is open to the public and the rest is occupied by the Indian armed forces. This tradition was started by the British. The part we saw was magnificent.

There were hundreds of these little smoke stacks along the highway from Delhi to Agra. They are brick making open air factories.

The Taj near sunset from across the river

A 4.5 hour drive even though we left an hour early to avoid traffic turned into a 6 hour drive which is normal India traffic. I have reported prior chaotic traffic but we knew Nothing. India is Crazy and nuts and no rules apply. Cows on the six lane highway, Normal. Cars going the wrong way on a big freeway, normal. It's Nuts and if you have never seen it you cannot believe. Monkeys swaying highway signs, bikes and horse drawn carts on the six lane freeway. Tomorrow we may see Camels pulling carts. They harvest wheat by hand and have "bonded" labor, say "slave". More later, we get up at 4:30 am for being in line for Taj in the morning to beat the heat and line. Taj Pics today are from across the river.

Even though we may have been in the finest hotel in all of Agra last night the internet was bad so could not blog. We are on the bus from Agra to the pink city of Japuir right now and have decent internet and some pics are uploaded. Waited in line starting at 5:30 this morning at the Taj and it was so worth it to be near the front of the line. The Taj Mahol is truly Amazing! Pictures cannot capture the immensity of the place. Ever try to type while on a bumpy bus in the middle of Agra India? OK, I'll post. More later.

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