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Phuket, Thailand and At Sea En Route to Colombo Sri Lanka. Two days at sea.

Bill with Dragon's at Chinese Temple in Penang Malaysia

Mum, Emma Lee's Mum from the Isle of White

James Bond Area of Phuket Island

Boat Ride Dawn & Mum in Phuket Thailande

A Full door or magnets, not our door but we are close now

Bhuddhist Temple, Penang Malaysia

Buddha in Penang Maylasia

Bangkok-Phuket Hospital Dental Center, My Shore Excursion

North 07 degrees 31.431' East 093 degrees 44.053' Heading at 268 degrees at 18 knots

Phuket was hot as usual reaching 90 degrees by nine am in the morning. Bill, Dawn and Mum had a good shore excursion by bus and then by boat to several islands around Phuket. The sleepy island in Thailand is really not so sleepy. they visited the site of a James Bond movie Golden Something by boat. They were back at the ship at about 2:00 pm and we had until five to be back on the ship. Bill went for a massage which was two hours and cost about $16US. Dawn bought a new dress at shipside market for $7 US that Bill paid for. Bill the shopper he is bought six shirts at the little market. I developed a tooth ache and it was Sunday but the ship's agent managed to make an appointment for me at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Turned out there was another passenger Birker from Iceland going as well. He had a filling fall out. They did x-rays on me and decided I needed a second root canal on a tooth but no time. Maybe in Dubai.

Shore excursion boat

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