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Singapore Day Two

Part of Sentosa beach from a different cable car

Singapore Port is unique in terms of security. This is the only port that requires a full customs exit screening each time you leave. We have to present our passport in addition to ships card plus give our thumb prints. Every time you leave the ship. Had another temperature device set up to check to make sure we do not have fevers when getting off today. I guess if you do you get pulled aside for screening.

Had a nice day today as we exited the ship into another big mall. Stopped at Starbucks and then found the cable car that transports you over the harbor to Sentosa Island. We have been to Sentosa Island twice before and is very nice and very near to get to. This time it was more built up than before but we went to the Same Rasta Sentosa Resort where we used their pool, chairs and towels for no charge, same all over this part of the world. Had a nice lunch of Satay and mutton. On the way back through the mall I changed my remaining Singapore dollars to Malaysian Ringgits, $220 Sing is now $698 Ringgits. Leaving Singapore in a few minutes and I'm now hiding in our room as it's muster drill for the newbies which is not mandatory for us so we choose not to. Off to Malaysia tomorrow and we are booked for an eight hour tour of Kuala Lumpur the Capital. Ours is self guided as the bus gets us there and then we are on our own. Could be some good pictures, camera batteries are charging, local money in hand, shore excursion tickets delivered to the room, I think Captain we are good to go! Now time to head to the pool deck and bar for a drink and scope out the New Segmentarians. Report is 156 got off today and about 124 got on for the next 17 day segment from Singapore to Dubia.

See the Ocean Spray Cranberry in the middle of the Sentosa Island vending machine

Cable car right over the top of the Whisper

Cable car from Port to Sentosa island goes over ship

Another shot of the Singapore Mer-Lion (mermaid/lion)

Entering Singapore harbor

Koh Samui

Koh Samui beach hang out

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