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Bangkok, Koh Samui, En route to Singapore, Singapore Day One

Wine bar in Bangkok mall

Chang Bangkok Beer

Ronald Bows to Customer's in Thailand

Hooter girl in Bangkok

Bangkok river bridge

We honked at this tow job quite a bit

Singapore restaurant row, We are right now in Black Penny Pub

Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino

Singapore's Mer-Lion

Marina Bay sands from soccer field

Dawn's Singapore street food

Marina Bay Sands

Paul's Singapore Street food "Laska" Noodle with Chicken

Street Food Singapore

Bill's Street food Duck

Where Duck came from

Floating soccer field Singapore now temporary kids area

Inside Marina Bay Mall area

Bill from floor 56 Observatory on Marina Bay Sands

View from the top

From Marina Bay Sands Observatory

Floating soccer field Singapore from observatory

Soccer field art zoo

It's been fun and busy. It's so hot the temperature is 90 by 8:00am and was 104 degrees feels like yesterday when we put on almost ten miles around Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotel is an amazing place. Short now as internet is bad on the ship and we are off to Sentosa Island which is next to the ship. We will take the cable car that goes right over the top of the ship. Downloaded pictures yesterday at Black Penny Pub and it was amazing. Like coming out of the jungle to discover civilization. We are used to the ultra slow internet on the ship and were wowed by the speed of normal internet connection. It's segment change day today and the start of a 17 day segment Singapore to Dubai.

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