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Cruising the South China Sea En Route to Nha Trang, Vietnam

North 17 degrees 45.407', East 111 degrees 36.892' Heading 211 degrees south at 17 knots with nice seas and finally getting warmer after a cold and dreary Hong Kong. We pulled out of port in Hong Kong at 2:00 pm with continued overcast. On the way out John Fleming destination director talked about the high rises in Hong Kong. There are over 8,000 high rise buildings in Hong Kong, more than New York and more than anywhere. The haze dogged us until we were far enough out to sea, so far it was the moon that finally shown through. China is a great place but they are choking on their own pollution. Had a brilliant breakfast at the Peninsula with Emma Lee from England. It was a fancy buffet with all things American and all things Asian to choose from an we sure did since it was special we ate it all. Had a nice walk around town after to kill some time before departure. Purchased some walkie talkies from a local electronics shop so the three of us can communicate and stay in touch, and not get lost when shopping. Went downstairs on a side street into Delaney's Irish Pub for a brew and a rest.

This morning has been a typical sea day with walking on deck and attending a lecture. Today we had a new speaker, Roger McGuinn of the band the Byrds with the famous 60's hit Mr. Tambourine Man. He sang and had a slide show about his life growing up and meeting all the 60's bands. He is 76 years old now but seems younger. We will have a buffet lunch on the pool deck as temps have warmed up to 80 finally! The pool deck is really busy with all the newbies excited to be here

Our bench on the Star Ferry for night party, Janet WC with us

Local restaurant walk by

The Grand old Peninsula Hotel Brunch with Emma Lee

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