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Coron & Manila Philippines

Our view from Tayambaya Restaurant in Manila

Ice cold San Miguel Beer at Tayambaya

Pork Adobo at TGI Friday's

Sign at Lake Kayangan

View of the Ocean from the top of the stairs

View from spider boat

Big Freighter Spider Boat

Rock at Coron Beach, it that Darka in the background?

Bill at the smallest little shop we ever had a beer in

Live from Manila in the Philippines. March 1, 2017

Sad breaking news. We are just ready to depart the pier in Manila and I was down in reception and ran into Commando Karen who was in tears. We knew she had a doctors appointment today in Manila as she had an eye problem that started in Australia. When I went up to her she told me she was getting off and gave me a teary hug and said Darka her boss would fill us in. She was being consoled by Fernando and others. We all love Karen and wish her speedy return to the ship! I am almost in tears myself as she is our guiding light on the ship each day leading pool workout and our boot camp as well as playing volleyball on our most winning team. We had a boot camp scheduled for tomorrow for sea day with her. We also had a new thing scheduled. She is a boxing teacher and we were going to start learning boxing with her after boot camp. She is SO going to miss kicking our asses around, You Here That Karen! Get back SOON! This ship is going to miss that girl!


Coron is a small town that boasts many water adventures. We were booked on a water tour in a spider boat (my term) for the whole day. Just off the ship we were picked up on the pier to set off. This adventure was billed as having to climb up over 150 steps and then down 150 steps to get to Lake Kayangan so we thought not too many would do it. So wrong we were as we had to have about five spider boats to hold everybody. I think people don't listen or read the description because there were people that should not have attempted this! It was hot and hard with no hand rails in spots and dangerous uneven steps. The lake is higher than the ocean and is 70% fresh water and 30% salt. It's clear and nice but had way too many people attempting it at the same time. The Lake Kayangan was cool and refreshing but after climbing up 150 stairs and back down again to get back we lost that loving feeling, it's gone. Off to a very nice beach and a nice lunch with warm beer as ice was at a premium. I made the mistake of giving a little piece of chicken to a tom cat and he rewarded me by trying to eat a finger. Had a quick snorkel and swim and then off to our last spot. A marine park consisting of seven little rock islands. The boat had mask and snorkel but no fins. We set out following our guide and it turned out to be a marathon swim. We went around two islands and across two channels sometimes in waves and sometimes against a current. It was nice and clear and beautiful coral but no time to look really, just swim for all your worth. Finally ran into some other boat and held on for a while to rest. All in all a very nice day.


Took the shuttle to Robinson's Mall about 20 minutes away and hung out. They had a Starbuck's that was like heaven after a prolonged period of not seeing one. Dawn shopped and Sir Bill & Paul found a local bar that had the most Ice Cold San Miguel beer in the 95 degree heat. Back to the mall for a lunch meet with Dawn at TGI Friday's where most of the singing staff were for the internet. We ordered off their local menu all. Didn't see much of Manila really but you can't do justice to a city of 13 Million people in a short day. Almost all passengers put a sign on their doors today saying NOT to make up the room today. As most staff are Philippine this allows them more time to visit family in port today. Lots of family came on the ship today to tour. It really means a lot to the families to see where their loved ones work and hear from passengers that they do a great job.

Off to the South China Sea and Taiwan where it will be in the 50's for a high.

Special Note:

The other day Dawn broke a tooth at lunch time and was VERY worried! She found out later from Harry that there is a dentist passenger aboard. This dentist is willing to make dental calls in the ships medical area. We had dinner that night with Harry & Peggy in La Terrazza and found out that Dawn did indeed bring a tooth with her to see the dentist. Only problem was he declared it was not HER tooth. There was about every type of tooth joke that night.

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