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Borneo (Malaysia) and the Philippines on Palawan Island Puerto Princesa

Our transport to Luli Island

King Neptune Ceremony (Actual Mer-man)

One of those Pirates somehow boarded us.

Fooling around

Big Mama, see little one below

60 Square miles here of open protected rain forest.

Orangutan Rope a dope

It's not easy doing this!

Luli Island

Outrigger ship is a little tight for Sir Bill

Nuts for Coco

You Only Need One!

Sandakan, Malaysia was both more sophisticated than I expected and worse in ways at the same time. Organized government buildings but garbage strewn Water Villages. A water village is simply a set of houses over the water where some are very nice and some just shacks and they have standard toilets but all empty straight down to the ocean. We did catch a glimpse of some of Borneo's apes in the rehabilitation center area. It was very hot walking the boardwalk through the rain forest and everybody was a dripping mess. We almost got pooped on by an orangutan on a rope above us. I had to go native for a moment over the edge and down to the ground where the apes were to get my fallen sunglasses, lucky I'm fast like them or they may have had me.

The Philippines:

We just left Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island Philippines and it was a very nice water day. Our shore excursion left port with six vans and a tourist police escort. Bill was in front next to the driver and Dawn and I one row back for the action. Traffic? Not Really, more like pandemonium x's Six. Besides cars and trucks here they have an ever present motorcycle cab, a motorcycle with an enclosure sort of. Our tourist police tried to shoo them away and we went any and all lanes all the way. Again just in time missing with no room to spare. I didn't really want to ride in one but we did later after the tour to go find lunch and it was a hoot. Three of us in this little thing with me sitting backwards. Try to keep all your hands and elbows in because traffic gets close.

A half hour journey about, I timed it but lost track it was too much for me. Then on to the boats with outriggers and they were everywhere. Philippinos like paperwork and every move we made had paper attached. Even had to wear life vests to satisfy the Coast Guard. First we were off to Luli island and had a short stay and a little snorkel but really nothing to see but dead coral. Next Pawrie Island where sir Bill had an hour massage for US $9.00 for a real bargain. Back to the traffic jam and ship. We were starved and didn't want ship food so off on the tricycle to our restaurant a few miles away. Food was great and Dawn had SISI Pork, I had Pork BBQ (satay) and Bill had a seafood medley. We failed to take the normal picture as we were too hungry, sorry. Tomorrow Coron on the north end of Palawan Island we are waterside again and it should be fun. We go to a special lake among other things.

Dinlen drove us there and back.

Lunch spot in Puerto Princesa city, recommended by Police

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