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Melbourne Australia February 9, 2017

Melbourne is pronounced "Mell Bun" in Aussie.

We didn't stop in Burnie Tasmania as planned due to large swells that would have snapped our lines, instead we had a bonus day at sea slowly rolling in high winds and swells that rocked us from the side of the ship.

Melbourne, a city that rivals Sydney in size and population and exceeds in the arts, food and hip categories. she has a wonderful tracked public tram system called Myki and we rode the 109 into the city center with young Ruth as our guide for a Melbourne walking tour. Ruth is a local Aussie who recently completed a 12 month training in tourism in Melbourne and turned out an excellent tour of back alley graffiti, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Some alleys were dedicated to graffiti and anyone can paint the walls anytime while other alleys are all tiny restaurants. We stopped for a great flat white coffee at one place, a Melbourne Chinese dumpling at another, and a chocolate treat at a French shop. The city was born in a rush from an abundance of gold discovered in the early 1900's that brought people from all over the world. A 9' x 9' plot to mine gold sold for one British pound to Europeans and ten pounds to the Chinese whom they didn't like at the time. it was cold on the crossing from Tasmania at sea but hot reaching up to 104 degrees at the warmest while we walked in shady areas of the city streets filled with cars, trucks, and a myriad of trams. We made a brief stop in a souvenir ship for a crocodile Dundee hat for dog/gator saving hero Lucky that we later shipped by Aussie post. Bill and Dawn were walked out after the tour so I set off looking for said Post rumored to be on Bay Street. While they had drinks and bread with humus I first walked the wrong way consulting a map and then decided that was wrong and turned around and retraced my steps and passed their bar again going the other way. After another eight or so blocks and a consult in a local bike store I was back on track and dripped into The Post where they sold boxes and shipped the hat. Back at the bar water started me out then a bottle of Pinot Gris to settle down while munching on hot olives. First it was hot inside then a few minutes later they opened the windows and doors and it cooled right down??? The wind had switched from the land side to the ocean side and here wind from the land is hot and wind from the sea is cold.

Birthday dinner at the Noom Duck restaurant shore side on the Quay at the Port of Melbourne. Don't ask, even the staff couldn't explain the "Noom" in Noom Duck Restaurant.

Off to sea again tomorrow which will likely be cold as the sea and back to 65 degrees en route on the Indian Ocean to Adelaide.

NOTE: Our friend May K from Canada fell at dinner the night en route to Tasmania. She is fairly old and slightly frail and was trying to move her cane out of peoples way and tripped on a tablecloth and fell. In our small community of the ship the three of us and Harry, Wife Peggy are Mary K's only family. As she lay on the floor waiting for medical staff she was calling out for Harry and Bill to pick her up, both big guys. We were all in a different part of the ship so didn't hear first hand. Peggy spent the night in medical with Mary K and Harry relieved her for three hours in the early morning before coming on deck to tell us about it. The three of us then went down to the infirmary to see Mary K and share stories to try and cheer her up. Mary K was in a lot of pain even with the medication but the ship does not have X-ray so no diagnosis could be made aboard. Mary K. left by ambulance in Melbourne with Peggy. Unfortunately we found out later Mary K. has a broken femur and will stay for an extended time at the Melbourne University Hospital. We are sending flowers today and wish her the best. Luckily she has insurance and both a good friend and grand daughter in Perth that will come to help out. A sad end two segment #2. Mary K was due on until Bali.

Train Station

China Town Melbourne

One Dongs on the half, one on the Hour, Ruth Donged for us

MaMa Shan Dong Dumpling shop

Alley Way Dining

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