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Sydney Day One

Celebrity Solstice Parked at Circular Quay

Sunrise at Sea at Sydney Harbor entrance

Tamarama Beach, the start of our walk

Looking back at Tamarama

Heading out

South Sydney bridge support

First look at Bondi (Bond eye) Beach

Sunday at Bondi

Bondi Public pools

Darling Harbor at night

We arrived at the entrance to Sydney Harbor at 6:30 in the morning on a warm and sunny summer day. The sun was just rising and the warm air told of a hot day to come and we were rewarded with about 95 for a high today. The ship took over an hour coming into the harbor and passing the Opera house and cruised under the iconic Sydney harbor bridge with 10 meters to spare. We sailed past Circular Quay and Darling Harbor before doing a 180 and backing into port at White Bridge passenger terminal. We were ready to adventure off so caught the first shuttle bus into town and were dropped at the base of the Sydney bridge. We walked past the huge Celebrity ship and took in the sites of Circular Quay. As we walked the waters edge we saw about 50 people up ahead start running and screaming. After a quick jump start of the heart we noticed movie cameras and the area blocked off for filming. Don't know what movie, look for Zombies in Sydney coming to a theater near you? We then followed Dawn up the hill to the Sunday craft market where we sweated up a storm while she looked around. Caught a taxi for Tamarama beach as our starting point for a beautiful walk along the ocean pathway towards the famous Bondi Beach. Lots of hill and steps but worth it for the views. Finally at Bondi we stopped for a refreshing bucket of the local Summer beer and some snacks of olives, street corn with chips and calamari. It was so blasted hot in Sydney that Dawn and I suited up for a swim in the oh so cold 72 degree ocean along with about a thousand Sydney locals. Bill watched the gear and drank the beer. The ocean cooled our hot bods very well and the waves pushed us around. After a little looking around the Bondi area shops we returned to the ship for an afternoon swim in the warm pool. We decided to go out for dinner so we got off the ship at White Bay terminal in the middle of nowhere in Sydney and looked for a cab. There were places at the curb for Taxi #1 through taxi #10 but NO Taxis. We asked terminal security and they could not call. They gave us a phone number and directed us to a bank of three pay phones. Two were out of order and the other had a choice of email, text, or call but wouldn't take my OZ coins. After giving the bugger a few wacks it cooperated and we were off to Darling harbor. This is a huge harbor with both sides lined with hundreds of restaurant choices. We settled for Toro and had a pizza and some very good calimari along with some wine from Barrossa area of OZ. After back at the ship we heard all about Harry's latest of many trips to see a farm and local animals. It was 107 degrees where they went in the outback and I never heard so many "Friggin" this and that's. No more farm tours for Harry! Super Bowl Monday Tomorrow!

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