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Superbowl Monday, Sydney Day Two

Pinot Gris at Lord Nelson's

Bar Platter for lunch, Lord Nelson Kitchen closed

Bill's beer sampler

Darling Harbor

Darling Jelly

A nice breakfast followed by a walk around the deck before it got too hot and then off for the Monday Morning Superbowl at the Star Casino a short taxi away. The event was an Aussie broadcast so no American commercials to watch for us, just local ones. The large Star Casino was jammed for the game with Bud specials flowing. The sports book had cheerleaders and live updates that were on the tv in Sydney. We sat outside the sports book at a large area with video gaming and a big tv so we were happy, no beer! It was only 10:30am at the game start. Watched the game while Dawn played Baccarra on her video machine starting with the 20 bucks I gave her. By the end of the game she cashed out with $625 OZ dollars! She said she was buying the rest of the way through Australia but then remembered she had something else to shop for in the next port. I went for a walk around Darling harbor because I was antsy and wanted to get out, it was about 97 degrees and in the shade you sweated and in the sun it poured. After a walk around Darling and up into the city I called it quits and crossed the Darling bridge and back to the Star. What a game, a blow out by Atlanta only to be blown away. It was too busy at the Star to get food so we set off in search of a taxi. We asked to go to the "Rocks" area of Sydney where there are a lot of quaint local places but found they were all just closed for lunch and open for dinner later. Found Lord Nelson's Tavern established in 1802 and settled in for a bite. Bill had a home brewed beer sampler and we got a bottle of Tomfoolery to go with a platter of beer bread and other delights, along with some olives of course. Back to the ship as we were bushed after such a day. Off to sea again tomorrow headed for Burnie Tasmania where we have a tour of the Taste of Burnie. Burnie by the way was a big logging & paper mill town that had its industry mostly shut down.

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