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Newcastle, Australia

Trolling for Great Whites, OZ Style.

The City of Newcastle was a welcome site after an extended at sea crossing of the Tasman Sea. Newcastle is a coal town where huge coal trains come it from inland and then coal is loaded onto large ships taking 36 hours to load. Also a very warm place in the 80's so we jumped on a bus and had a 1.5 hour drive to Port Stephens where we got on another boat to go looking for the local dolphins. Not too many of them around today but we saw a few. Had an hour to relax in port after the dolphin tour so we sat at Hog's Breath and had a platter and some wine. We were joined by Emily the cruise consultant and a Chinese Lady that didn't speak but hangs with Emily because she gets lost very easily.

It will be up early tomorrow as we have the entry into Sydney Harbor starting at 6:30 am

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