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At Sea Sydney to Burnie

At Sea in the Tasman Sea at S36 degrees 57.531' W150 degrees 16.271' heading 194 degrees south at 15 knots. It was 98 degrees yesterday in Sydney and 68 degrees now with 2.5 meter seas and 58 kilometer winds and lots of rain. I'm sitting in a quiet lounge doing all the blog catch up. Bob from Florida was leaving and we spoke and we both said we hoped for a little nicer weather later, Jerrie from Melbourne spoke up and said we have not even reached the straights between Australia and Tasmania where it does get rough! This is the route of the Sydney to Hobart famous sailboat race that is always difficult. Woke up to find our weather was lousy with rain and wind and so much colder than yesterday. We had a bridge tour at 10:00 am this morning and I can tell you it was not an easy place to stand still as its about the most motion area of the ship. Captain was in place to answer questions. We have a galley tour this afternoon.

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