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Special Report

Received an email from our friends Lucky & Cheryl who are keeping our Lab Carbon in Florida for the trip. Lucky takes Carbon out on their golf course most evenings after golf is done and hits some golf balls for Carbon to retrieve. He loves it! The other day they were doing this and their happened to be another couple with a dog so they all got together to play. Carbon was hot after and ran over to a golf pond. Every fresh water pond in Florida has gators. As Carbon went in the pond Lucky and the other guy Brian saw a gator. Carbon was swimming TOWARDS the gator. Lots of yelling and they threw a beer can at the gator but it got Carbon by the leg anyway. At this point the dog is as good as gone. Lucky dove into the water and the splash was enough to startle the gator and it let Carbon go. Lucky was left in 5' of water 3' away from the gator. Brian distracted the gator long enough for Lucky to Make his escape! Thank you Lucky for being a true Hero and saving our dog Carbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three hours after we received the email about this event we stopped at a restaurant in Wellington for lunch. The first item on the beer menu was the picture below. What a coincidence, and our Lab is a Black Lab.

Yes, we had several.

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