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Wednesday January 25th At Sea South Pacific Ocean Heading to Auckland from Tonga

Tonga Beer

Sunset Near Tonga

Bill with Martini in hand during Sunset at Sea.

Clouds at sunset. They turned pink later and so did the Sea

View from our Tonga lunch spot

Tonga Beach Walk

Heading of 209 Degrees SW at 17 knots in reasonable seas and cooler temperatures located at S26 degrees 12.352' and W178 degrees 52.931'. Seas are at about 5'. Tonga was nice, but short. We cleared in at 7:30 am and had to be back on board by 12:30 pm. We hired Wesley, a local Tongan Taxi guy to drive us to a beach where we were the only people in site. After a long walk down the beach we met up with Wesley again at a local resort. Stopped for a swim in the ocean and then tried the local beer. We found out a ship shore excursion was bringing 70 people to this spot for a dance show so we moved on to another more quiet spot and had a great lunch of chicken curry (Paul), raw fish cerveche(Bill), and chicken salad (Dawn). After we had a brief stop at a local market and back to the ship for sail away. This morning we had our last #4 Karen boot camp and she made it a special punishing affair to remember her by! We promised to sign up for further private training for the three of us. Bill is resisting but will come around. Having lunch on deck now with Harry and Peggy from New York. I can't tell you what Harry did for a living at this time as it may jeopardize our safety. Good people though and are on until Hong Kong. Peggy just now came back to the table with a banana split and five spoons, bad Peggy! Almost as bad as Bill ordering potato chips in the afternoon. Dinner tonight is formal again and I will be getting a lesson on how to hook up my bow tie. It's on or it's overboard. Pool volleyball at 3:00pm

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