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The "Better Side"

Our Anniversary Greeting from Janaka

Waiting in our room for us after dinner from Janaka for our 26th Wedding Anniversary.

Ship Life: 1/20/2017

Since my last post, we are really settling in. Have met many very nice people. Also sat at tables with folks who we would never be seated with if I happened to be at the same social affair in the states. I've heard of Vassar, but there are Ivy League women's schools that are not even in my realm of awareness. Needless to say, conversation does not linger long on my school or past jobs. Fortunately, Paul and Bill own companies that people find interesting and conversation quickly gravitates to that. Yesterday, it was open seating at a World Cruise Passenger dinner. The clampetts from Hooterville managed to unknowingly plop themselves at the Captain's table. I sat across from a women who looked younger than me, but unless she was a child bride had to be 20 years older. she runs a foundation she established after selling her deceased husband's oil company to Shell. She also has served on the board of directors of the Smithsonian. Enough Said. Her sister was also impressive, reportedly an entrepreneur who traveled the world acquiring fabrics for her designer clothes company in the eighties and nineties. I did not recognize the brand, but that does not mean much. She was not overly impressed with my favorite store, Nordstrom. Didn't even go there with Nordstrom Rack and TJ Max. dinner felt a little like the scene from High Society, where Tracy Lord plays with the reporters sent to cover her wedding. I must of stuck my foot in my mouth a dozen times. Sigh, no danger of making the invite list of their next social event (if they are legit). Where's professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady when you need him? I need a crash course!! Maybe if I just keep repeating "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain......." Other interesting people I dinned with since last include a computer expert, a retired attorney and wife, a travel agent who also has been a director of State Secretary of States, two different sisters from Ivy League schools I did not recognize, the Italian Captain, the English cruise consultant, and a Croatian jewelry designer representing a gemstone trunk show in the boutique. All interesting dining companions.

Hair note- the combination of sun, salt water and air, humidity, and the ship's hard water are defeating the products I brought. Stay tuned for hopefully better pics down the road.

On Shore

In Honolulu, I caught a mall shopping shuttle on my own to do some gift shopping. Went to Tommy Bahama where I had cards to spend. Couldn't resist a rare women's sale. Next Macy's for presents where I bought full price stuff. Sign again! Then a nice Tuna salad waiting for me with Bill and Paul. Heaven!


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