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Day 12, Jan 17 At Sea North Pacific Ocean Day Three of Seven at Sea

Another day at Sea on the North Pacific Ocean. A lazy day as it is 86 degrees and very tropical out. Started playing water volleyball at 3:00 pm now. I recruited Bill because of his extended height. I can barely keep my head above water in the shallow end of the pool with the water sloshing around from the motion. When we switch to the deep end of the pool you actually have to tread water whilst waiting for the ball to come your way. It was sunny today, then rainy, then sunny again. A fine day at sea. We are signed up for a shore excursion in Apia American Samoa but are going to cancel in favor of looking for a sports bar that may have our football rather than Soccer, Cricket, tennis, etc. The game will be on at 10:00 am so we shall see. We would prefer a place next to a beach for half time swim but that may be asking a lot. Janaka is going to check it out for us. We now both have additional Packer signs on our doors so will have to update the door pictures. It was Monkey Suit Night (Formal) again. Things were going very well for me until I tried to get my bow tie on. It kept falling off and not working well so in the dumpster it went in favor of a regular tie.

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