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Day 10 Jan 15: At Sea, One of Seven and Packer Game Day!

Our second series of days at sea. We left Honolulu Saturday night at 11:00 pm local time and are now Sunday at Sea. Will arrive in Apia in American Samoa next Sunday. The seas have a 9' swell from our Port side today with a chop added with 32 knot winds. It's not bad on the ship but care must be taken and we have a good roll side to side at times. A really busy day for us all as we have Karen Boot Camp #3 of 4. She is out to get us I know! After breakfast. Ok, breakfast for me started each morning at the buffet with eggs, bacon, pickled herring, bread, and corned beef hash. Today I am down to raisin bran with milk.

Boot camp brought a new set of punishing reps with even more difficulty than before. Doing this in a still gym is difficult, on a moving ship on deck 10, even more. Karen wore us out again much to her satisfaction.

Game day in Bill's room again watching by streaming on my ipad through Dish Network. This time it was very choppy and slow, maybe our position in the ocean and maybe we told too many people how we saw the first game. Anyway, What a Game, Go Pack Go!

Bill is now worried because at the Dallas Superbowl game he had the bad seats and has a free superbowl of his choice coming. We will be in Sydney, Australia for the game. Got to go, battery about to quit after 2 hours doing these three blogs, just worn out.

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