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"From the other side"

Seems like something is missing in our blog so I am adding "the Other Side".

Celebrity Watch- I could be tripping over celebrities and wouldn't have a clue. However, Monica A. from home read on a blog a writer pens that Jude Deveraux, historical romance novel author was cruising in the North Pacific towards Hawaii. Seems likely she is on this ship, writing her next novel. If she is a small women, I think I have spotted her. Other passengers we have actually met include a Las Vegas Executive who worked for Steve Winn, and a German banker living in Madrid, lots of interesting stories.

Good food alert- The weight game may be doomed. The food is spectacular, and Bill keeps ordering potato chips. Aarrrggghhh! I have gone to a couple of cooking classes hosted by guest Chef and Culinary Silversea trainer David Bilsland. Fabulous Chef and entertaining to boot. Learned about Sous Vide hot water immersion cooking. I think this is how Naples Nemos Restaurant gets perfectly cooked sea bass every time. Water is maintained at a perfect temp. while sealed food cooks to a predetermined level, then stops. I plan to invest in the equipment, and try myself when we get home

. Have lots of great recipes, and some other cooking tips like running onions under hot water to prevent watery eyes. Who knew?

More tips and observations next time,


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