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Day Seven: Hilo, Land Ho!

I was surprised to wake up this morning to see that it was 7:20am and I wanted to get up at six. Rushed out on the pool deck to find out it was dark and ships time was 5:20am, whoops. There was an almost full moon over the horizon of the Big Island. As the morning brightened and things came into view we could see snow on top of the mountain, a good place for snow, far away!

Breakfast on the fantail again. It is a buffet and my favorite breakfast item is the creamed herring. Bill has oatmeal, and we all have fruit.

At eight we took a taxi into Hilo as the shuttles were not running yet. They were going to have a "Walmart" shuttle for those that needed things from the US of A before heading downstream.

In Hilo we walked and walked. Dawn wanted a hardware store for magnets for the walls and door so we, her puppies followed diligently. Had a nice lunch at Pineapples that was open air. Dawn & Paul shared the lunch special of a double burger, huge. Bill had Nachos with no cheese (he doesn't do cheese). We walked back to the ship, a trip of a little over three miles in the warm climate.

Land is over rated. After Six nights and five days at sea we now find that land moves back and forth or we do. Maui tomorrow and we have a big hike into the mountains to see several waterfalls and do a little swimming!

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