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Day Five: At Sea North Pacific Ocean

Day Five started with an early morning walking mile in the twilight of dawn before the sun awoke. It is almost completely calm on the ocean this morning and is a beautiful site to see. The sky slowly brightened as we walked lap after lap with the actual sun not showing for almost twenty minutes. The word Blue doesn't do justice to the blue of the pacific ocean when calm. All day long we had sunny skies and calm seas. It was an easy day to do many miles on the walking deck as the scenery was as good as it gets. Not a ship to be seen other than ours all day long.

We had breakfast on the fantail this morning since it was so nice out. 73 degrees as sunrise and warming up. Had a very interesting talk at 10:00am about Putin and Russia. When Russia broke up twenty five years ago there was a verbal agreement by the west that we would leave the break away countries alone. We didn't and Putin blamed Hillary Clinton for much of the actions as Secretary of State and was looking for a way to get back at her. He did.

Dawn attended a cooking class in the main theater and the chef managed to start a fire in the pan.

Managed to get in the hot tub before lunch on deck again. It's a great place to eat lunch. Curry Chicken, beef, pork, Tuna and salads followed by some gellatto for desert.

Dinner was in the main dinning room and we sat with a couple other passengers. Nicky from Las Vegas and Gunter from Germany. Gunter was a banker that retired at 55 years of age and now lives in Madrid and spends his time traveling the world. Nicky worked for hotels and help get the Mirage and Belagio up and running often working with Steve Winn. Off to early bed as we are worn out from the busy schedule.

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