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Day Three: North Pacific & Packer Game Day

Weather much the same as yesterday but slightly warmer in the low 60's and seas down to 8' instead of 12' Very windy but gaining our sea legs quickly.

Morning brought our first of four "Boot Camp" work outs with Athletic Director (AD) Karen. Between the rocking boat and the balance and strength exercises it was tough. Sweat poured and the gym reverberated with the grunts and groans of Karen's new recruits! Boot camp was about six different exercises doing 14 of each followed y a 30 second rest. Then restart the same with slightly less reps followed by 30 second rest, repeat. Karen said Dawn got a gold star for the days best pupil. Goal here is to work us into lean, mean, eating machines!

The Weight Game: Well not all things work out as planned. As we stepped on the scale we found that the motion of the boat would make the scale fluctuate by 20 pounds making the device useless. Plan b is calm seas or a scale in Hawaii.

Packer Game Day: Such a big game we suspected would be on ships tv. Not so much. We called and even talked to the guy in charge of communications and NO GAME. With luck Paul's Ipad with the Dish app came through with live streaming Packers, Yeah! It worked flawlessly. We watched the game from Bill's room as Paul/Dawn have some massive clutter of bags and way too many items of clothing that are slowly being organized. Don't tell Dawn about her stuff I tossed overboard! Whilst watching we ordered in Pizza and Guacamole as it was lunch time in the Pacific. Had a lovely dinner with German Julia as our waiter. Bill had a fine rack of New Zealand lamb, Dawn the lobster thermador and Paul the Dover Sole. A very nice California red accompanied our meal. We all tried our hand in the casino but lady luck was not on our side. They sent Doria from the Ukraine in to deal a streak of really good house hands that sent us to bed. Once again hope is in the air for calmer seas and warmer temps for tomorrow.

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