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Day Two: At Sea North Pacific Ocean

Our Sea day started with very rough seas with wind so strong we had a hard time doing a mile of nine laps on the walking deck. At noon we were 260 Nautical miles from San Francisco. Cruising at about 15 knots with winds of 35 knots and seas of four meters (12'). The sun sort of made a showing for a while and then went away again to be replaced by a blanket of clouds and blankets on deck for passengers. Billy was just a little queezy and had some ginger ale. Lunch was on deck and was just a ceasar's salad. Maybe just a little vino as well. Dinner in the main dining room was formal. Who ever invented the bow tie should be hung from a post. Bill had to help Paul figure out how to work the stupid thing! Dawn and Bill looked lovely. We were on pool deck awaiting Dawn when a leprechaun walked up, his name is Carl from England. Great guy but we really couldn't understand a word he said. Dinner was again fantastic. We all had Turbo fish and all had caviar tartar. After dinner Bill and Dawn went to immediate sleep. Paul went to the casino and was the only one in the house. Three lovely ladies dealt the card and at three card poker of of my hands was a straight flush. Lovely thing. 40 to 1 on the pair bonus, 4 to 1 on anty and nothing on the bet because she didn't qualify. Sea day again tomorrow in the rough North Pacific. We are sorely hoping for warmer temps and calmer seas. We have our first of four work outs with Athletic Director Karen. We are all signed up. This is where we weigh in for the weight game. Goal is no gain but the food is enticing!!!

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